This understair shelving is remarkably bespoke

These pictures show shelves which we installed in the under stair alcove in a house in Stannington, Sheffield. The shape of this space is very irregular, as you can see, and a scale drawing and a full-sized plan on hardboard was required to ensure the final work would fit. 

Not only did all the shelving need to fit this very particular space (see the left hand side as it tracks the stairwell), but there were requirements for a certain amount of shelving at 36cm or more, and a certain amount around 14cm high for CDs. We also created a shelf specifically proportioned for a beautiful pot by Emilie Taylor, who was artist in residence at Manor Oaks Studios some years ago, and created a series of works during this time.

I emailed Emilie to ask her about the pot, and this is what she told me:

"The pot is 'Kyle & Danny I'. The background is the view across Sheffield from Skye Edge, the young lad is stood on what was once a deer park, an area now used by young people in the evening. I worked with young men that use this outdoor space as part of an engagement programme funded by Green Estate and Yorkshire Artspace in 2007, and the young men made their own ceramics about issues of gender and masculinity important to them as teenagers. 'Kyle & Danny' was one of the pots I made after this response to working with the young people.

"I'm pleased it has a permanent home in Sheffield with people who have a connection to the estate through their own work histories".