Drawing on wood

IMG_0704 crop.jpg

We delivered these two wardrobes yesterday. Made entirely from birch plywood, they feature very unusual doors. These have been designed by the customers themselves - the images on them have been created by CNC. In other words, a computer guided router cut them out. 

The images were hand drawn, scanned into a computer, converted into a file a CNC machine can understand, and the machine used a 6mm diameter cutter to cut 1.6mm down into the surface of the plywood, to reveal the next ply down. Because the grain runs left to right in this lower ply (rather than up and down like the top layer) the light catches it differently, and the effect is subtle, a slightly shimmering pattern that is sometimes darker than the rest of the surface, sometimes lighter.

The customer summed it up best I think: "I'm blown away."