Knife and fork trivets

James Boardwell, founder of Folksy, contacted us to discuss a commission in November 2011.The Folksy website is a marketplace used by hundreds of small makers across the country to sell their own handmade pieces, and Folksy had decided to launch a range of their own. These pieces were to be made by some of the makers on the site itself, which is why they came to us. We came up with the idea of a knife-and-fork trivet, made from small hardwood off-cuts that we keep for jobs just like this. This means they are largely oak, ash and beech, with the occasional one being made from walnut or sycamore.

The trivets have little silicon feet to keep them in place on a smooth surface, and the lap joint in the middle is further reinforced with a small length of pine dowel. The whole piece is sealed with hot linseed oil (in other words, we deep fry it for a few seconds in a fryer we keep for just this purpose).

Folksy got lots of good press for the project, and the trivets received the preponderance of its attention. Channel 4 called them a 'design classic in the making', and they were featured in Homes and Gardens in Scotland, and in the Daily Mail on Saturday. The first batch of 50 sold out within a couple of months, and we made a second batch to keep up with demand. Folksy's own supplies have now been exhausted, but we have quite a few in stock. They are £19 + delivery, or two for £36 + delivery. Contact us for more info, or to order.