Finbarr Lucas is an independent designer and craftsman. As well as beautiful, bespoke furniture, he is developing a collection of handcrafted pieces for the home. Trained in fine art and furniture-making, his work is guided by functional design and ethical principles of sustainability.

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Finbarr’s commitment to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and innovative design ideas make his creations unique and delights clients. His belief is that even the smallest business can make a difference with a responsible outlook to its practices.

Reflective of his values, Finbarr’s workshop is a beautiful green-roofed building near the historic Manor Castle and shares many of the same green credentials as his creative approach.

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Wood Sourcing

Wherever possible the timber we use is locally sourced. We source sheet products such as plywood from FSC certified suppliers who manage forests sustainably. We also use reclaimed wood such as joists from demolished buildings.


Our green-roofed workshop is heated by a ground-source heat pump, The electricity for our office is supplied by Ecotricity, who actively build wind-farms in the UK.


Other Materials

The glue we use is almost exclusively PVA, a non-toxic substance, and our finishes are either water-based or low VOC. Any wood waste is burnt in our wood-burning stove, and wood-shavings are composted at Green Estate’s composting site.



We have an electric van for all of our delivery and sourcing needs, charged with 100% green electricity. Short trips around town are done on the bicycle, and commutes are often by train.